2014 Volvo V70

2014 Volvo V70 1 2014 Volvo V70

2014 Volvo V70 3 2014 Volvo V70

Volvo has been manufacturing wagons since the year 1953. The first wagon model was Volvo Duett which was seen as the two-in one car. The latest Volvo model, the V70 forms the tradition of a beautiful combination of excellent structural design and functions merged together under one single roof. This model has been made extremely spacious. It has been designed especially for the families who need large cars to accommodate members and cargo. The car provides adequate comfort for the passengers and also contributes to the great sophistication provided by it. The luggage space of the car calculates up to 575 liters. Like many other models of the company this model too comprises of foldable rear seats. This provides greater options for the users to change the space of the car. With the seats folded in, the load space of the car increases to 1600 liters. The tailgate can be operated electronically which adds further sophistication to the car.

This model also has booster cushions made for the children, which provides enough comfort to them while riding inside the car. This also provides height to the children while riding the vehicle. The model also consists of a very new contemporary look that makes great presence on the road while driving. The front grille of the car has been given a newer look. Special headlights provide a much more dynamic stance than before. Other new specifications of the car include newly designed tailpipes, bumpers both on the front and the rear end, and new chrome finishes. All in all, these features have been added to enhance the profile of the car. The wheels that come with the car are of 19 inches in diameter, providing smooth and jerk less performance on the road. Thus, a more comprehensive design of the model introduced by the company will bring about newer success in the market.


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