2014 Volvo XC70

2014 Volvo XC70 1 2014 Volvo XC70

The introduction of the new Volvo XC70 has introduced newer roads in the company since 1997. The XC series of the company has been extremely successful in the entire world and hence the company has taken the decision to broaden this series further. Thus the company created a model which would stand as one of the most comfortable cars to be seen on the roads. The car performs brilliantly on all types of roads. It marks the true sense of sophistication for which it has been designed. The car gets a boost in its specifications by the introduction of the new all wheel drive system and the Hill Descent Control. This shows the fact that the company is working a lot to increase the driving capability of the model. Thus the ‘goes anywhere’ oath taken by the company gets fulfilled with this model.

The exterior has been added with a wide variety of new design cues. This has improved the road presence of the model to a great extent. A newly designed grilles set on the front, bold proportions, wider stance, larger iron mark, and Daytime running headlights on the front add a whole new spark to the style of the car. The car has been gifted with matte touches of silver on the exterior to create greater impressions. The overall look of the car includes a cozy feel and a road friendly stance. The car has been made to look comfortable at any sort of environment.

In order to enhance the on-road performance new skid plates have been added to it. This helps the car to protect it while driving on rough undulated surfaces. The interior of the car consists of comfortable seats and the rear seats are allowed to be folded. The load space of the model can thus be increased according to one’s needs. Other exciting specifications include booster cushions and a very powerful engine system.


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