M Sport Limited Editions launched by BMW

2013 BMW M Sport Limited Editions 2 M Sport Limited Editions launched by BMW

The Australian division of BMW has launched the new limited edition model called the M-Sport. This model that is going to be launched will be available only till 31st March and is going to come out in the market in order to celebrate the M festival of the company. This new model has been based upon the previous model called the xDrive30d version. The model comes along with the new set of specifications like the brand new kit for the body of the car, tail finisher that has excellent chrome finishing, headlights of bi-xenon, a newly designed steering wheel that has been wrapped in leather and new gear paddlers. The model is also going to contain electric operated seats and alloy wheels of 20 inches having double spoke. The package that comes with the model also includes other set of specifications like the tailgate that operates automatically, professional navigator, a camera for the rear view, exterior mirrors having anti dazzling capability and voice controlling operator.

The model is going to be available in various versions and each version is going to have its own set of specifications. Hence the customer is going to have several options while he goes to buy this unique limited edition model at the showrooms.


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