Second teasers for 2013 GTA Spania available

2013 GTA Spano Teaser 2 Second teasers for 2013 GTA Spania available

The second photo teasers of the brand new GTA Spania have been revealed in the internet along with the first photos of the GTA Spano. The first teaser of the model was released a week earlier and the makers of the model have decided to reveal further detailed photographs of the model this week. It can be concluded from the photographs that this model looks a lot similar like its previous model. To add to the happiness of car lovers, the company has also leaked some of the useful information about this wonderful car model.

This car will be a limited version with only 99 units of it being produced. The engine that will be included in this model will be giving an output of 900HP and a torque of 1000 Nm. This entire unit will enable the car to accelerate to a speed of 62mph in just 2.9 seconds. The top speed at which the car will be zooming across the roads will be 217 mph. the company has also revealed that this model has been made by combining titanium, carbon fiber and Kevlar. This model has been scheduled to be introduced at Geneva in the upcoming week. They will be doing this along with a lineup of jewelry.


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