2013 Ferrari Sergio Concept

2013 Ferrari Sergio Concept 6 2013 Ferrari Sergio Concept

2013 Ferrari Sergio Concept 2 2013 Ferrari Sergio Concept

The Ferrari Sergio is a one of a kind car and a model which is going to be thoroughly liked by someone who has rich taste in cars. This car has been designed by Centro Stile Ferrari which had collaborated with Pininfarina and Maranello engineers. This car has been designed in order to pay homage to the great legendary Designer Sergio Pinnafarina. The model has been designed to pay tribute to one of the greatest designers who lived till date.

It sits on top of the list among cars which offer great premium features and exclusive amenities to its buyers. Each model launched by this company generates new levels of satisfaction among the customers, whether in terms of sophisticated design, or in terms of class. This particular model has all special features in one. The makers of this car have put in all their efforts and incorporated style, luxury, power and comfort into it. The car has great power system, suspension system and is extremely convenient to use. The new model has seen upgrades like never before. More than half of the car’s features have experienced change in some way or the other.

The improvements have been incorporated in the car in order to keep up with the growing demands of the consumers in the present market. The car has all features equally good and better than the previous generation model. All in all it delivers great features to its passengers as well as drivers.

Thus, the company has made it a point to reach to the highest section of customers and bring out a car that is liked by a great designer. With his name attached to the car, it is going to be one of the most unique cars to be sold. Along with the company the entire world is going to be the part of the homage.


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