2013 HND-9 Concept by Hyundai

2013 Hyundai HND 9 Concept 1 2013 HND 9 Concept by Hyundai

2013 Hyundai HND 9 Concept 4 2013 HND 9 Concept by Hyundai

Hyundai has unveiled the official images of the latest model that it is introducing in the market called the HND-9. This is the brand new and stylish coupe that the car company is bringing into the market. The exterior of the car has been clearly defined in the images that the company has revealed. This model is going to introduce the fluidic design philosophy of the company that is very innovative and new. This model has very good elements of design loaded in it and it gives a premium and elegant look to the model, along with the sophisticated details in the interior.

This model has been given a long bonnet in the front and a longer wheelbase that all other models of the company. This car is a very good representation of the classic sports coupe demanded by the present market. The model is going to derive its power from the GDi petrol engine of 3.3 liters. It also has been equipped with an all wheel drive system and an eight speed automatic transmission gearbox. This model delivers very high performance and gives an output of 370 PS. The car has made a debut at the press conference of the company on 28th March. Further details were revealed by the company at the Seoul Motor Show.

The model comes with a precision that is fluidic in nature. It has created a new indicator for a liquid metal design that has been adopted by the company. The quality of its craftsmanship has been conveyed through the design surfaces that bear resemblance to gemstones. The front fascia of the model holds a very bold look and is further surrounded by the metal grilles having a deep vertical opening in its midst. The corners of the hood at the rear end of the car has heat extracting features that blends very well with the exterior design and the mirror designs. The side view of the car gives the impression of a grand sports sedan which has proportions indicating greater efficiency that any of the previous models of the company.


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