2013 Icona Vulcana to be launched, watch out

2013 Icona Vulcano 2013 Icona Vulcana to be launched, watch out

Shanghai based Icona will be launching its new Vulcano supercar in the next month. They have managed to create quite a stir with just one picture launch, and it has already made everyone sit up and take notice. The Shanghai Motor Show is much awaited for this reason. Through the snapshot of the car, not much is revealed apart from the shape of the car, which is supposedly the Coke bottle shape.

It is a two-seater and it used a hybrid powertrain. It is a supercar, because of its features. It has a front mounted V12 engine backed by a pair of electric motor. The Icona officials were stated saying, “the drivetrain is the “baby” of Claudio Lombardi, former powertrain technical director of Ferrari.”

The powertrain will give out a combined power of, a little over 900 HP. Icona does not refer to the car as hybrid but in the first 10 seconds, the car will speed up to 200 km/hr. The top speed will be around 250 km/hr.

The Geneva Motor Show was held recently and it was a show to watch out for. But with the upcoming Shanghai Motor Show in April, Icona Vulcano will provide stiff competition to the McLaren P1, Ferrari LaFerrari and Lamborghini Veneno.

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