2013 Kia Provo Concept revealed

2013 Kia Provo Concept 5 2013 Kia Provo Concept revealed

2013 Kia Provo Concept 6 2013 Kia Provo Concept revealed

The brand new model by Kia is all set to be presented to the public within a couple of day’s time at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. Initially the makers of the company had promised to give the customers a car that has a racing look with the concept of urban technologies. They had promised to bring out a car that has a look that is extremely mischievous and has a friendly looking grille as well as a brilliant front fascia with the set of headlight arrangements. The car has been named as Provo and is going to be revealed to the public in the coming week in Geneva.

The model has been delivered with a fresh look on the front as well as the rear end. It is a brilliant looking coupe and the exterior of the car has been characterized by a glossy light grey color that gives the model a metallic look. The roof of the car has been done up in orange hue and the alloy wheels that makes the exterior complete have been given chrome finishes. The front spoiler of the model has also been given several tinges in orange here and there and so do the cap of the center wheel and the calipers of the brake.

At the rear end of the car a dual system for exhaust has been arranged along with a diffuser and a brilliant looking configuration for the taillights. The wheel arches of the car have been given a sturdy muscular look, the mirrors have been made sleek and slender and the brake discs have been drilled.

The interior of the model gives us the impression of a retro model with a touch of modernism. The interior has few buttons for control and seats made of leather having the pattern of a honeycomb.


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