2013 KTM X-BOW GT comes to Geneva

2013 KTM X BOW GT 7 2013 KTM X BOW GT comes to Geneva

2013 KTM X BOW GT 2 2013 KTM X BOW GT comes to Geneva

The brand new X-BOW GT has been unveiled by KTM in Geneva. The price of the car has been kept at 72, 500 euro.

This brand new sports car is extremely exciting to drive not only on road, but on the racing tracks as well. The car is extremely comfortable to handle. The body of the car shows aggressive features. It has been given a new bumper in the front, a grille that has been revised and modified and a great new hood with ventilation. The side skirts have been of carbon fiber and a new bumper has been given at the rear end of the car. The exhaust of the car consists of four tailpipes and has a good integrated diffuser. The car draws its power from a 2 liter engine from V8, which has dual turbo facility. It produces an output of 285 HP. This system is connected to the automatic transmission system which has been modified to give very high speed. The entire weight of the car is approximately 847 kilograms. With the help of the engine and the transmission system the car gears up a speed of 100 km per hour in a matter of 4.2 seconds.

It gives a better stance while driving and has great features under the hood. The engine of the car is pretty powerful, allowing the driver to ride smoothly even at high speed and provides perfect balance and comfort while driving. The 17 inches aluminum wheels given to this car provides perfect grip an hold the car to the ground and keeps it balanced during curbs.

This model has created a unique example for all the models. Even in the interior there are various themes to choose from. The seats provided to the car are extremely comfortable and helps the passengers to enjoy their ride all throughout.


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