2013 Toyota i-Road Concept

2013 Toyota i Road Concept 4 2013 Toyota i Road Concept

2013 Toyota i Road Concept 9 2013 Toyota i Road Concept

The PMV or the Toyota i-Road concept, the Personal Mobility Vehicle is the latest type of transporting concept that is going to offer great amount of flexibility in the modern environment of the urban areas. The concept has made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show held this year. The concept will be offering a closed environment to the owners, which is extremely comfortable. The interior of the cars hold seats only for two passengers. This is also a concept, where the models are going to run on electricity. The makers have used the Active Lean concept that will be providing the customers an extremely safe as well as enjoyable ride over a stretch of about 50 km when charged singly. The concept has been so constructed that it will be saving a lot of energy on the whole. The company has done immense amount of research in the efficiency regard in order to bring out the perfect concept for future use.

The concept is hence eco-friendly and takes the name of the company to a higher level. The company has been providing solutions to a large number of models for many years to bring out the best eco-friendly cars in the market today. The concepts are so designed that it suits to a wide variety of customers.

This particular concept has been incorporated with the company’s latest Hybrid Synergy Drive, PHEV or the Plug-in Hybrid Electric and many such technologies that make the vehicle the most efficient vehicle on the road. Other technologies like the Fuel Cell Vehicle or the FCV and the like are going to used in the further models produced by the company. Hence, the company is making bigger plans for the future to bring out a large amount of eco-friendly cars in the market. With this aim it is going to rule over the market with the most innovative cars for the future generations.


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