2013 Viziv Concept by Subaru

2013 Subaru Viziv Concept 3 2013 Viziv Concept by Subaru

2013 Subaru Viziv Concept 6 2013 Viziv Concept by Subaru

Subaru has invented a brand new concept, which has been named as the Viziv concept that will soon be introduced by the company on the future models. This is a brilliant crossover concept that will be incorporating newest designs and latest technologies to the models. The word Viziv comes from the inspirational term, Vision for Innovation, which clearly explains the company’s aim towards the innovation techniques in its near future.

In this concept the exterior design of the models will undergo a whole lot of changes. The company is going to introduce the latest design techniques in the models. Each of the future models that are going to be brought out by the company will be given polished exterior surface, with clean looks and striking lines. This has been done to bring about a striking contrast between a compressed cabin and a solid body. The front fascia of each of the models is going to bear similar looks that is an exclusive mark of the company. The grille located in the front is large and projects towards the outside. This is the key feature of the company’s front designs. The entire look of the model becomes dynamic and gives out an excellent stance.

The interior too has been included with added new features. It is the invocation of the performance of the car that will be delivered on road. The space in the interior of the car has been meticulously designed by the company’s team of designers, who have included ample space, and other exciting features that will add to the fun side of riding the model. It also includes safety features to ensure a safe ride for the passengers. The interior gives an excellent comfortable vibe and a dash of sporty feeling has also been attached to the models.


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