2014 BMW M6, 6 speed manual transmission

2014 BMW M6 Manual Transmission 2 2014 BMW M6, 6 speed manual transmission

M6 Gran Coupe will be launched on the 5th of June and along with that, there will be some more news on the BMW 6 Series. It will be specifically for the high performance vehicles like BMW M6 Coupe, Convertible ad Gran Coupe models.

BMW has planned to make a few changes in the 6 Series line up in 2014, and most of them are directed in the positive manner. Firstly, BMW will be introducing the six speed manual gearbox and a no charge option on all the three variants. The M Carbon Ceramic brakes are also made available now, and they include large diameter, long life front and rear brake rotors netting the M6 a weight saving of 42.8 lb. This will now help the owners to fully personalize their M driving experience. And for owners who plan to use it on a regular basis, should be aware that the carbon ceramic rotors shed heat quicker than most of their counterparts. This weight reduction also increases the effectiveness of the entire suspension system.

Before the launch of the newest generation of BMW M5 Sedan and M6 Models, the team developed the manual transmission. To ensure that the owner had the most involved driving experience, the engineers looked in to control harmony, friction surfaces and the component strengths.

In Sport + mode, the gearbox will not provide rev-matching on downshifts. However, this will be available in the Efficient and Sport mode. In the Sport + mode, the driver will need to synchronize the downshifts using the accelerator pedal.

This can be said to be a maximum performance option. The M Carbon Ceramic Brakes also feature gold painted brake calipers on all the four corners which make it instantly recognizable. It also has a mirror like self-polishing finish of the brake rotor surface.


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