2014 Dodge Durango

2014 Dodge Durango 10 2014 Dodge Durango

2014 Dodge Durango 15 2014 Dodge Durango

Dodge has brought out its latest SUV model called the Durango. This is a full sized SUV and falls under the crossover models. The model was introduced by the company at the New York Auto Show that was held this year. The bold model has been built upon the pillars of company like style, innovation, and performance. The models design and outlook shows the mark of great craftsmanship and state of art technology that the company has incorporated in it to make it a perfect looking model of the century.

Although many of the elements of this model has been incorporated from the older version itself, like the front grills, the three sided vent, the C pillar that is triangular in shape, etc, many new features have been incorporated as well. It has been given a stronger belt line than its former model. The makers of this new car have given in their best efforts as well their passion to bring forth this exotic model to its customers.

The makers have put all their strength and this resulted in the great reduction in weight of the car. The new stylized look and features, thus incorporated, has brought out a new model altogether. The all new doors without frames, the three sided-windows, the great designs of the interior all has been done with accuracy. The car is filled with a mixture of simplicity and elegance. It is brimming with good qualities that one can ever imagine.

The best feature of the exterior of the car is the sheet metal given to it. It has a beautiful streamlined fascia on the front. Adding to this it has a more suave design on the front that is the mark of the aerodynamic facility of the car. Altogether the car proves to be another eye catching vehicle with engineering facilities that are unimaginable. The new advanced aerodynamic design on the exterior gives a wind cheating facility. Hence the car is 7 percent more efficient in terms of aerodynamic. It also has a very light weight body measuring not more than 200 pounds more than most of the cars of this type.

There are other features that are equally eco friendly. The new heating and cooling system helps in the minimization of energy consumption. The engine of the car is of 2.4 liter and is composed of four cylinders. This engine is extremely potent and is incorporated with the MVIC system, an exclusive venture of the company. This entire system helps in a number of ways. It gives a fuel efficient facility, helps in efficient amount of power production, as well as decreased amount of harmful emissions. The engine is a powerful one producing 166 HP at 6000 rpm. This adds on to the power and stability of the car and gives it better mileage than the previous versions.

The new ECO mode of the car that can be controlled by the driver is another great feature of the car. It helps in the reduction fuel consumption by the reduction in the power of engines. It also helps in the control of the air movements while air conditioning during the initial acceleration of the car. The S-AWC feature of the car is driven with about 4WD engaged. However, when the driver turns on the eco mode of the car, he is able to drive as 2 WD vehicles.

Thus, the new car is packed with exclusive features like fuel efficiency, powerful drive great stability and many more. These features will help the car to grab the attention of all those who are seeking a unique car for their garages.


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