2014 Mini Paceman John Cooper Works

2014 Mini Paceman John Cooper Works 13 2014 Mini Paceman John Cooper Works

2014 Mini Paceman John Cooper Works 5 2014 Mini Paceman John Cooper Works

The main forte of the MINI Company is to provide a fun driving to all its customers. All the models of this company are extremely agile to handling and imbibe a feel free character to everybody who rides them. Along with the advent of newer technologies and new innovations the company too has taken a leap forward in bringing up refined models for the future generations. The company had adopted a brand new all wheel drive known as the ALL 4 which was started with the model called MINI countryman. This new driving system has been extremely popular among the customers and they have responded extremely well to it.

Now the brand new model called the MINI Paceman John Cooper Works has been introduced in the market. This too includes the ALL 4 feature, and hence has been incorporated with an excellent driving capability. This AWD comes with a host of features which make the car extremely good. First is the powertrain, where one can find a number of suitable options that go along with the car. The engine that comes with the car is available in four different variants. The first of these is the SD version of the MINI Cooper paceman, which gives an output of 105 kW. The second is the D version of the same engine giving off an output of 82 kW. These two engines run on diesel. The one that runs on petrol is the S version of the engine giving an output of 135 kW. These make the car a lovely model with extremely good driving features. The car comes with a standard AWD system attached to it along with the engine. This new drive system enables to maximize the power of the engine to 160 kW and makes the car a fun vehicle to ride.


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