2014 Nissan Pathfinder Hybrid Version

2014 Nissan Pathfinder Hybrid 4 2014 Nissan Pathfinder Hybrid Version

The 2014 Nissan pathfinder is the latest SUV model brought out by the company. The model has been given a huge makeover making it sleek and adding on to its newest range of aerodynamic materials. The interior of the model has been given premium style and design and the panel or the dashboard has various technologies that make the car a user-friendly vehicle. The car comes in a unique platform and the powertrain of the model is extremely advanced as well. With the help of the engine system the model is able to achieve the best fuel economy ever and shows excellent towing as well as off the pavement qualities. The new model weighs about 500 pounds less than the older models. However, just like the previous version, this model too has been given the terseness and the rugged looking exterior. The standard EPA of the car is 26 mpg. It has the best towing capacity that amounts to 500 pounds capacity and is included with the most modern amenities that are available in the market today. New features of his model include an exclusive Around View Monitor. This truly marks the qualities of the new generation SUV of this season.

This new model will be followed by the release of the brand new Altima Sedan. The new model bears a design that is extremely bold in its outlook and the interiors of the model give the feeling of adventurous driving. The dealers are eagerly waiting to show the customers their upcoming favorite model in town. This model has a great economy of fuel as well. It has been increased by over 30 percent than the previous model,. It comes in front as well as all wheel driving segments and both these segments bear great fuel efficiency. The average EPA is around 22 mpg in the combined mode.

The new version of this model is loaded with great number of features like monitor system that can navigate to 360 degrees, a satellite navigation option, connection to your smartphones and Bluetooth and many more. All these goodies come under the package of the Connect that is exclusive to the company. There are four cameras attached to various ends of the car. This gives super control of the area when the car is being parked. Hence, the model is featured with smart specifications that make driving a very simple task. Its ‘helicopter view’ during the parking of the car proved to be quite innovative and useful. Other features include a panoramic roof, a privacy glass located at the rear of the car and alloy wheels of 18 inches. All in all, the car comes with a super monitoring system that enables the driver to drive the car with great ease and simplicity.

The interior of the model has been very carefully designed in order to provide a great deal of comfort while riding the vehicle. Leather armrests have been attached to the seats which add to the comfort. The passenger will also derive comfort from the partly trimmed leather seats and great room for them. The door handles have been made of black gloss and a whole surround of black gloss color ads to the style of the model.

The best part of the model is the engine that is incorporated to the car. It is featured by the new Hybrid Technology. The model comes with an Xtronic CVT engine which is very powerful and tackles the dynamic motion of the vehicle. This shows the company’s inclination towards the eco friendly system that will bring about a change in their way of thinking.


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