2014 Toyota FT-86 Open Concept

Toyota FT 86 Open Concept car photos  2014 Toyota FT 86 Open Concept

Toyota FT 86 Open Concept interior photos  2014 Toyota FT 86 Open Concept

After the huge success of the GT 86 on an global scale, Toyota has created its latest attractive model, the new FT-86 Open concept. This is a brilliant convertible with awesome look having a great rear wheel drive and the style of a compact sports car that supports four passengers. This is a very lively looking model, and has a great performance. It engages the owners and passengers in a great driving experience with its brilliant set of dynamic units that gives a great pleasure of driving.

It has been made more refined, and has been given extra good features to make it the best choice of the customers. The car has been made by combining the best designing qualities from Calty design research and the best engineering qualities from the Technical centers of Toyota. The balanced combination of both these excellent features has given rise to the make of this new model. It has turned out to be the best of the cars brought out by the company so far. It has already created a market for itself.

The car has been given the most exquisite look, with a lower roofline, and raised rear end. It gives a better stance while driving and has great features under the hood. The engine of the car is pretty powerful, allowing the driver to ride smoothly even at high speed and provides perfect balance and comfort while driving. The aluminum wheels given to this car provides perfect grip an hold the car to the ground and keeps it balanced during curbs.

This model has created a unique example for all the models. Even in the interior there are various themes to choose from. The seats provided to the car are extremely comfortable and helps the passengers to enjoy their ride all throughout


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