Mercedes Benz enters the 2015 B-Class Electric Drive market

2015 Mercedes Benz B Class Electric Drive 1 Mercedes Benz enters the 2015 B Class Electric Drive market

2015 Mercedes Benz B Class Electric Drive 9 Mercedes Benz enters the 2015 B Class Electric Drive market

The 2013 New York International Auto Show was witness to the world premiere of a new generation electric car. With a dynamic design, high quality interior and a high electric motor: The Mercedes Benz B-Class Electric Drive made its debut.

Bearing in mind its image, the car has been designed with utmost comfort, quality and security. It is also digitally networked, and because of its connected services, it can be simply checked and configured via the internet. The driver and the passengers will be surprised with the dynamic driving experience this vehicle will provide. This will surely be an experience of electric driving at the premium level. Dr. Joachim Schmidt, member of the Mercedes Benz Cars Board of Management responsible for Sales and Marketing was quoted saying, “The B-Class Electric Drive meets the wishes of many customers for emission-free driving without foregoing the hallmark attributes of a Mercedes Benz, namely safety, comfort and, of course, not to forget exhilarating driving pleasure.”

The B-Class has become a bestseller ever since it was launched in the year 2011, and this vehicle has been based on it. The only difference being that is being marketed as an electric variant. It allows friendly motoring owing to the innovative electric drive.

The vehicle will offer a superior driving performance and this can be noted because of the maximum torque available right from the first tap on the accelerator pedal. To go from a speed of 1 to 60 mph, this vehicle needs less than 10 seconds. This shows how dynamic n exhilarating the driving experience is going to be. Energy is derived from the powerful lithium-ion battery and it is accommodated in the vehicle’s under floor, this retaining the five seater with its huge interior space as well as luggage space.

This vehicle is not just apt for short distances, but anyone can comfortably take it out for long journeys as well. In the interests of operating range, the maximum speed is limited to 100 mph. however, depending on the driving cycle; the range is around 115 miles. This vehicle can be recharged anytime at the standard household power socket. The charging time for a range of 60 miles would be less an 2 hours at 240 V/40 A.

Even while the car is on the move, the energy is balanced out through recuperation and by converting the kinetic energy into electric current in the deceleration mode. What makes it even more appealing is the visual aspect combined with the sportiness aspect. The exteriors comprise of the grille, the headlamps that extend into the sides, the two piece rear lamp cluster, the large tailgate with low boot sill, the side sill panels, the striking bumpers and the bar shaped LED daytime driving lights. The charging socket is installed behind the charging flap, thus not making it stand out.

With such cool exteriors, the interiors are bound to be even better. High quality materials and finely structures surfaces make this vehicle absolutely comfort conscious. The sporty features include the three large round air vents in the centre and above this is the display screen for the telematics system. It is an eye catching feature of the cockpit.

It also boasts of high levels of convenience and functionality, and includes the Audio 20 with a 14.7 cm color screen, an MP3 capable CD player, a twin tuner and a USB connection. It ensures that the vehicle is not only sustainable and agile, but fully networked as well. It is possible to check the charge status of the battery, the planned route, and the stops where the battery can be charged.

The vehicle will be launched first in the USA and eventually in the European markets.


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