New guard version of Mercedes M-Class

Mercedes M Class Guard version New guard version of Mercedes M Class

The latest addition to the M-class range of Mercedes Benz family of the Guard version is the special protection versions of the models. This model is extremely similar to all the Guard models that the company has brought out till date. It is a special version SUV model that is armored for better protection and also follows the latest principles of the protection version models that the company has adopted. The company follows the popular principles of protection principles of the passengers who are driving the vehicle or are riding the vehicle. These additional features of the car have been taken care of by the company from the developmental phase itself. Each and every part of the vehicle is taken care of fully by the makers and has been integrated perfectly inside the model’s framework. Thus, the model has built in protective features that has been incorporated by the company and looks after the safety of the people who are driving the models.

The company has received overwhelming response to the model. The customers were so pleased by the car that they have requested the company to put in the series production. The makers of the car are trying to bring forth that kind of an addition. The car sets forth a clear difference between the middle range and the middling quality. The sporty design of the car goes perfectly hand in hand with the sporty character of the new brand. The makers of the car have devoted themselves perfectly to bring out an engine that will support the sporty spirit of the car. The car has thus been incorporated with a turbo engine of high torque that is able to give an output of 258 Hp. It also supports the all wheel drive brought forward by the 4matic technology. The technical detail that has been brought forward by this model has created entirely new set records in the aerodynamics system. These features have been experienced for the first time in any series production model. It gives the model a host of driving assistance like the collision prevention as discussed earlier.

The radar based driving system has been made especially for the drivers who are easily distracted. The system provides the driver with a range of acoustic and visual signal that is able to identify the obstacles that comes along the path of the driver. The brake system given for this model is a highly innovative one and provides great precisions to the driver while he is driving. The collision prevention system helps the car to calculate a rough force which has been put forward by the driver on the pedal of the car. This system tries to prevent collisions especially that are likely to occur towards the rear end of the car. This helps the driver to drive with ease even during very dangerous traffic situations. The vehicle has also been given great connectivity system. The latest technology updates helps the owner to connect their smart phones to the operating systems of the car as well.

The new model has been given a braking system that is based on radar technology, a smartly designed and clever concept that has been imbibed by the company for its latest models. This model is assisted by prevention of collision system. This ability helps the driver to get warned about an obstacle beforehand. This in turn creates a precision for the brake that needs to be applied.

Thus the new car, with its latest protection systems will be ruling over the market and make the company the best in this series. The protection model will also attract those customers who like safe and secure driving.

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