Novitec announced second installment kit for Ferrari

2013 Novitec Rosso F12 N LARGO 2 Novitec announced second installment kit for Ferrari

Novitec has released photos of the installments that are going to be a part of the Ferrari F12- the tuning series. This is the second tuning kit that Novitec has released. The first one was released in November 2012. Novitec has also been thinking about launching a customization program for the once- most powerful road legal car launched by Ferrari (till the release of the LaFerrari, which took the crown from this car). This customization program is sure to attract a lot more potential customers.

The first car came with a bright yellow finish, but this one is going to come with red paint. The car will have a full carbon fiber body kit, which will serve to reduce the weight of the car and also to facilitate cooling. The hood has been redesigned- and the car also has front and rear fenders with vents, air vent in the hood, front bumper, new exhaust diffuser, spoiler, etc.

One can expect this car to deliver more than 763 bhp of power, and around 703 Nm of torque from this beautiful engine. The car’s top speed is 213 mph, which is faster than the 211 mph of the Ferrari Berllinetta, which is the company’s stock car.


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