Official Revelation of 2013 McLaren P1

2013 McLaren P1 4 Official Revelation of 2013 McLaren P1

2013 McLaren P1 11 Official Revelation of 2013 McLaren P1

The official revelation ceremony of the latest McLaren P1 is going to be held in the coming week in Geneva. However, the company has already revealed the details and specifications of the car and added to the happiness of the car lovers. Right after the first photographs of this wonder-car was revealed in the internet, the company to a step forward and published all the details and the exciting features about the car. According to the reports that have been given by the company, this model is going to be a limited edition model where only 375 units of the model are going to be produced. The introductory price of the car has been kept at 866, 000 GBP that calculates to 1, 004, 800 euro. Initially the company had decided that it will produce 500 units of the model. However, after the final meeting with the owners of the mode, Ron Dennis has reported that only 375 such units are going to be produced. The potential owners of the car were more bothered about the exclusivity of the model than the price of the car or its maximum speed output. This model has been given the exclusive IPAS or the Instant Power Assist System that helps the car to give it a speed of 100 km/h in a matter of 3 seconds. It takes a mere 7 seconds to reach 200 km/hr. the maximum speed of the car 350 km/hr.

The IPAS system can be operated by the help of a button that has been mounted on the steering wheel of the car. It runs with the contributing help of an electric motor. This system helps the car to give the aspiration of any normal engine throttle. There is yet another button mounted on the steering wheel of the model called the Drag Reduction System or the DRS. When this button is pressed the rear wing of the car reduces in the angle to a lower distance by about 23%. This position can be brought back to normal by either releasing the button or by pressing the brakes. The heart of the model is located with the power train that comes along with it. It comprises of a twin-turbo V8 engine of 3.8 liter. The engine helps to give an output of 737 HP at about 7500 rpm and a torque of 720 Nm at 4000rpm. An electric motor has been added to this engine system that takes up the output resulting in 916 HP and 900 Nm of torque. This power is going to be transferred from the engine to the ground by a seven speed gearbox from Graziano having twin clutch system. This model can cover a distance of 20 km solely on electricity if it is driven at a speed of 48 km/hr.

The drag coefficient of this model is about 0.34 and the downforce that the model is able to produce is about 600 kg. This is five times that of what the MP4-12C model could produce. The chassis of the model is made of carbon fiber that has a weight of 100 kg. This is the lightest chassis to be installed in any car on the road. This chassis helps to give a feeling just like that of the F1 model. However, when compared to the F1, this new model is about 300mm longer than it and is also a bit wider. Due to the light weighing construction of the model the tips of it weighs 1400 kg only. It also features greater fuel efficiency than the predecessor models and gives of fewer amounts of carbon dioxide emissions.


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