Personalize your 2013 Opel Adam Rocks Concept

2013 Opel Adam Rocks Concept 4 Personalize your 2013 Opel Adam Rocks Concept

2013 Opel Adam Rocks Concept 7 Personalize your 2013 Opel Adam Rocks Concept

Have you ever wanted a car that is the eptiome of individualization? If you answered yes, the Opel Adam Rocks is certainly the car for them. This is the car that offers around 82,000 variants for the interiors and around 61,000 variations in the exteriors. Combine this with some state of the art technology and the IntelliLink infotainment, and you get a car that can perform miracles for you!

Opel has shown that they can certainly dominate the car market with the introduction of the Adam Rocks concept. This car, with a 3 door body, muscular proportions, amazing design, open air capability, etc. can make sure that the customers have all their needs met. This concept has certainly opened up a new segment of the market for Opel. The kind of personal freedom and option that one gets thanks to the Adam Rocks concept is something that car lovers would certainly appreciate, for now, they will be able to get a variant of the car that actually suits them.

This car is a small urban car that is capable of swift movements. It is perfect for those living in the cities and those who have to handle some tricky moves while driving. This urban crossover has really good looks, LED headlamps, a prominent grille, boomerang shaped indicators, opaque glasses, fog lamps, etc. which make the car highly functional and fun to drive as well. The open-air option available in the car pretty much cinch the deal in favour of the car. This is quite a powerful car with amazing number of variants available. It has a really good petrol engine and can deliver some good mileage as well. The power of the car makes it better for those who want to ride it with ease in and around the city.


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