Practical and Elegant 2014 Seat Leon SC

2014 Seat Leon SC 3 Practical and Elegant 2014 Seat Leon SC

2014 Seat Leon SC 5 Practical and Elegant 2014 Seat Leon SC

The Seat Leon SC’s new model is very distinctive in it’s design as well as its performance. The Leon SC is a sports coupe which is just chock full of strenght and elegance. This car comes with a three door compact design that is the peak of design technology. The car is extremely sporty as well- but not so sporty that is stops being practical for everyday use. The car’s amazing workmanship along with the amount of thought that has gone into improving the technical factors of the car is also laudable.

The new Leon SC offers a lot of room for all the passengers. There is around 300 Liters of space for those who want to store their luggage as well. There is high technology involved in the car- including assistance systems, tuned chassis, infotainment unit, lightweight design and the latest engine. The engine models focus purely on turbocharging and high performance efficiency as well. The SEAT Leon SC can generate power of around 86 bhp and it only consumes aorund 3.8 liters per 100 km. The green technology employed in the car makes sure that it is environment friendly as well. The car is beautifully designed in the most proportionate way possible. This is what makes the car look so sporty, and yet practical. The three door compact version of the car is actually better looking and more innovative than the five door version of the car. The running gear of the car is also an innovative addition to the car’s reportoire of features and it severely increases the dynamics of the car. The steering and acceleration have also been improved a lot.

The drive assist system of the car is extremely vigilant. This along with the multi collision brake and other safety equipment ensure that there is maximum safety when driving this car. The Leon SC is a car that has innovative design and really smart technology. It is something one should certainly keep an eye on.


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