The powerful The 2014 Dacia Logan MCV

2014 Dacia Logan MCV 7 The powerful The 2014 Dacia Logan MCV

2014 Dacia Logan MCV 9 The powerful The 2014 Dacia Logan MCV

The Dacia Logan MCV is a large car that comes with a relatively small price tag as well. The UK orders for this car are going to begin in April 2013, and they might begin later in the rest of the world. This is a large, roomy, five seater estate car that is meant for those people looking for a large, practical car for everyday use. This car is certainly a worthy addition to the list of Dacia cars.

The Dacia Logan MCV actually uses the principle of robustness as its motto. This enables the car to be quite strong and perform really well as well. The car has a lot of space for all the passengers and it boasts phenomenal space for storing luggage as well. There is a black mask on top of the rear lamps, the radiator grille in the front comes coated in chrome and the interiors are certainly really robust. All this adds to the USP of the car. What is amazing is the fact that the car actually has a lot of important features as well. It comes with fully integrated media navigation, cruise control, power steering, rear parking sensors, etc.

The new Dacia Logan comes in two engine variants, both of which are petrol. These are turbocharged petrol engines that can enhance the powertrain of the vehicle and make the acceleration and driving easy and pleasurable as well. The car comes with really good mileage and really low emissions as well. There is an Eco Mode in the car that can be activated when one wants to conserve the amount of fuel being used by the car as well. Some safety features integrated into the car are ESC, ABS, EBA, etc.

This car will certainly be a success in the market thanks to the price of the car, and its relation to the size and the features available in the car!


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