Time for the 2013 CUB Concept by Kia

2013 Kia CUB Concept Time for the 2013 CUB Concept by Kia

At the Geneva Motor Show, Kia showcased the Provo concept, which was quite successful. They are now gearing up for the Seoul Motor Show, where they will be showcasing the CUB concept. The 2013 Seoul Motor Show will be held on the coming Thursday.

Kia has announced that is going to be a compact four door coupe concept, which will just be a little less than 4 meters long. The idea was basically developed keeping in mind the trend setting urban dwellers. Considering the length of the car, it will be quite an intriguing alternative to the other super minis such as Fiat 500, Audi A1, MINI hatch and Vauxhall Adam. But, the fate of that depends on the production cycle.

The vehicle is said to be small and sleek, but with a cheerful face at the same time. The exterior is being characterized as being smooth. Kia has not yet given any statements about the technicalities of the vehicle.

The company’s flagship model, K9/Quoris, flaunts headlights with a two-point LED arrangement. The CUB concept will also have it. Kia is also looking forward to the 2013 New York Motor Show later this month, where it will be introducing various other models.

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