Tushek Forego T700

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Tushek has revealed the latest details of its new model, the Forego T700. The teaser about this model was launched last year in April. This is a Slovenian company that has planned to launch its brand new super car sometime this year. This model is expected to have a weight in around 1000 kilograms. The body of the car is composed of carbon fiber and titanium and the company has used a carbon fiber monocoque construction for the model. For the power system, the company has incorporated a FSI V8 engine that produces a power of 700 HP. This is far more powerful than the previous model that was brought out by the company, the Renovatio T500. The previous model gave an output of 450 HP. There are various other differences that lies between this model and the previous model of the company. First and foremost, this new model is going to be a coupe. However, the previous model was a very fast roadster. The new model is going to be a lot faster than the previous model. It reaches a speed of 100 km/hr from rest in just 3.7 seconds. The top speed that will be given by this new model is 310 km/hr.

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