Weber launches its dream vehicle 2013 F1

Weber F1 Production Version 2 Weber launches its dream vehicle 2013 F1

It was conceptualized back in 2008, and now, Weber is all set to introduce its F1 (Faster One) production version.

Designed by former BMW and Sauber F1 engineers, this car boasts of some magnificent statistics. They have installed a twin turbo 5.6 liter V10 engine, which delivers more than 1,200 HP at 7,000 rotations per minute and 1,250 Nm of torque at 4,200 rotations per minute. The dry weight of the car is a little over 1,250 kg, and thus is can provide a power-to-weight ratio of 0.96 HP/kg. The statistics of the car are: 4500 mm long, 2040 mm wide and 1150 mm tall.

The package also contains an automatic launch control as well as an active all-wheel drive system. The car also boasts of an independent front and rear suspension. It has a 2900 mm wheelbase with track, the front and rear measuring 1625 mm and 1606 mm respectively.

While the entire body is also manufactured from Carbon, the carbon fiber chassis weigh just a little over 65 kg. Air brakes are also made available, which when deployed through the rear wing, turn the car into a vertical position in just about 50 milliseconds. Bringing a halt to the super vehicle are the 12 piston aluminum fixed calipers with vented ceramic discs which measure 380 x 34 mm on all corners.

These are the statistics based on the performance of this particular vehicle. In the first 2.5 seconds, the car hits the speed of 62 mph. In 6.6 seconds, it hits a speed of 0-125 mph. And in 16.2 seconds, 0-186 mph. Then on it goes to the top speed which is a little over 248.55 mph. these are surely some numbers to boast of. The production of this starts from the next month and the pricing will be available on request.


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