2013 Buick Riviera Concept Car Debuts

2013 Buick Riviera Concept 2013 Buick Riviera Concept Car Debuts

The new Buick Riviera concept car has made its debut in the 2013 Auto Shanghai. The global debut has revealed a lot about the specs of the car. The Buick Riviera is a coupe that combines aesthetics with performance flawlessly. The car uses some advanced technology, including plug- in electric vehicle propulsion. According to the Shanghai GM president, this car provides a preview of the future design language of the Buick.

The design of the car is supposed to be influenced by the popular Chinese saying, “The greatest good is like water”. Accordingly, the vibrant nature of water and the moving river has been integrated into the elegant, sporty design and ambiance of the car. This is enforced by the deep and the sculpted lines that run along the length and the width of the car as well. The “sweep spear” which has become Buick’s signature style can also be seen in this car. The gull wing doors create a sporty ambiance for the car as well. The car comes with an ice celadon finish, that is influenced by jade. The car has very little drag, which would make driving a pleasure. The interior of the car come with eaglewood tone interiors with aluminium alloy, ebony and lava suede finish. The jade- inlaid wood effect is quite stunning as well.

The car comes equipped with a hybrid mode, which acts as the green mode. The car has four wheel drive, W- PHEV propulsion system, sensory recharge panel, electromagnetic suspension, air spring package etc. The car comes equipped with real life traffic information system, news and entertainment system, weather update options, voice command and controls, touch and gesture recognition etc. The Intelligent driver assist system is also quite practical and extremely useful for the driver. It involves a bunch of features including lane departure warning system, night view assist, cruise control system, parking assist system, alert system, full speed range adaptive cruise control, etc.

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