2013 Carlsson Mercedes-Benz CML Royal Revox

2013 Carlsson Mercedes Benz CML Royale Revox 8 2013 Carlsson Mercedes Benz CML Royal Revox

2013 Carlsson Mercedes Benz CML Royale Revox 7 2013 Carlsson Mercedes Benz CML Royal Revox

The past few weeks have been really good, for the world has seen the launch of some really stunning vehicles. One of the best vehicles we have seen so far is the Carlsson Mercedes Benz CML Royal Revox. The car was unveiled by Carlsson just this month. This car is supposed to be a luxury SUV, but the premier car manufacturer has taken a new spin on the car. The car comes with stunning, state- of-the- art features, upgraded performance and amazing capabilities. The car will perform amazingly off roads, but the manufacturers have ensured that the car will retain every inch of its sophistication and elegance as well. The car also has an impeccable interior design.

The car operates on a V8 DOHC engine platform. The engine is capable of producing 625 hp of power and it produces torque at the level of 620 lb per feet. The car is capable of going from 0-100 kmph in just 4.4 seconds. The car boasts of a maximum speed of 299 kmph. Carlsson has made a lot of new upgrades to the performance of the vehicle. The improved power is really good for it will allow for quick and easy acceleration at really high speeds.The base model of the car comes with an electronic speedometer.

The interiors of the car are incredibly luxurious. It comes with Carlsson’s Signature handcrafted leather, which is incredibly unique. The incredibly smooth Napa leather is used for the sake of crafting the interiors of the car. There are woven floor mats on the ceiling as well. This ensures that the car look really distinctive.

Another stunning aspect of the car is the fact that it comes with special features as well. There are a lot of innovations in the aerodynamic field of the car. The front spoiler is wide and arched. The grille is chrome plated, making it look sportier than most other cars. The iconic horse symbol is available in the front of the car. It is illuminated by an LED daytime running lamp as well, which makes the logo look incredibly stylish.


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