2013 Mitsubishi G4 Compact Sedan Concept – The Dynamic Car

2013 Mitsubishi G4 Compact Sedan Concept 2 2013 Mitsubishi G4 Compact Sedan Concept   The Dynamic Car

The Mitsubishi Concept G4 is the concept of the new compact sedan that Mitsubishi Motors wishes to release as soon as they can. This car uses brilliant cut diamond motif on the design of the front grille, which is the first thing that will catch your eye when you look at the car. The car also makes use of headlamps are rear combination lamps to create a stunning visual effect of the car. The car also has a commanding presence, even though it is a compact sedan. It will certainly leave an impression and you don’t even have to pay a bomb for it.

The Mitsubishi Concept for the G4 has a short nose that is not just visually appealing, but also provides for good maneuverability. This also increases the forward field of view for the driver. The side proportions of the car have been balanced out and made a lot more graceful. The interior space of the car can be gauged from the side of the car. The exteriors are highly aerodynamic and pleasing to the eye at the same time. The rear of the car has a really good looking character to it. The interiors of the car are as generous as they could possibly be in this range.

The car focuses on achieving a particular level of fuel efficiency as well, so that the running costs of the car can be reduced. It is the best in its class as far as the Reinforced Impact Safety Evolution cars are considered. It is also one of the lightest cars in its class, because the car uses only high tensile steel for its construction. The car is even powered by a lightweight engine- a 1.2 compact MIVEC engine that is mated to a CVT. This car is extremely agile, but still sturdy. It provides for a really comfortable ride for the people sitting inside the car as well. Passenger safety and comfort has also been given high priority in the design of the car.


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