2013 Renault Twin-Z Concept: Style personified

2013 Renault Twin Z Concept 3 2013 Renault Twin Z Concept: Style personified

2013 Renault Twin Z Concept 13 2013 Renault Twin Z Concept: Style personified

2013 Renault Twin Z Concept 4 2013 Renault Twin Z Concept: Style personified

Renault has been working with the British designer, Ross Lovegrove in order to come up with the Twin’Z concept. The concept car is certainly proof that this collaboration has worked miracles. Another surprising thing is the fact that this car is where automobile design meets the world of furniture. The Twin’Z is the latest concept car that is not just performance oriented, but takes design and automobile art to a whole new level. This car is aesthetically pleasing, and not once does it lose sight of what it actually is- a pure bred city car.

The car derives inspiration for its design from nature. It is supposed to be a symbol of a six petaled flower, and it draws inspiration from the notion of life cycles. The idea behind Renault’s new design is the notion that the car will accompany a person through all stages of their life. This car is not really meant to attract one particular section of the population- rather, it is a car that is meant for the masses in general.

The car also draws inspiration from other Renault cars such as the Twingo and the Renault 5. It is a rather small car, with a robust body and a high waist line. It has electric, rear wheel drive and a vortex grille design. The doors of the car actually open electrically. There are touch sensitive buttons which operate the electronic doors. The car is aerodynamically sound and quite strong for its frame. The name of the car is actually written out in gold letters on the car and “Lovegrove” has been molded on to the bottom of the front door. Another interesting facet of the car is the glass roof, that is meant to incorporate LEDs so that the passengers have a more interesting experience within the car.

Even people who are not planning on buying the car should take a look at it- just to marvel at the futuristic, yet simple design that the car boasts of.


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