2014 Mercedes-Benz E-Class L

2014 Mercedes Benz E Class L 4 2014 Mercedes Benz E Class L

2014 Mercedes Benz E Class L 5 2014 Mercedes Benz E Class L

The Shanghai Auto China 2013 has been the stage for the debut of the new Mercedes Benz E- Class. This is a car that has been developed just in order to meet the growing demand in the Chinese market. This car offers more legroom and comes with a wide range of different features that would appeal to the Chinese market. This is a finely designed car that is very poised and highly refined. This car marks the best comfort that one can get and the best range of equipment one can find in a car as well. The car comes with both petrol and diesel variants. Both the engine variants come with automatic transmission gearbox.

The long version of the E- class sedan radiates superiority and elegance. The car has 14 centimeters of more legroom. The interiors of the car are really exclusive, and the extra legroom makes the car really comfortable. There is a really congenial atmosphere within the car, and the abundance of features the car comes with is really effective. The headlamps of the car have been completely redesigned. There are a lot of functional elements within the headlamps as well. The car has a four- eyed look, a look that is uniform throughout all the E-class cars. For light and visibility, the E- Class provides a low- beam headlamp option and an integrated daytime running light option. The latter comes with LED technology.

The long- wheelbase of the car is quite different, it comes with two different front ends. There is the typical, classic three- dimensional saloon radiator grille, with the Mercedes logo on the bonnet. The Sports sedan comes with a rather sporty looking front end that has a central positioned star, which creates a different, dynamic look.

There is a 3D Trim Strip on the car that gives the car greater proportions and a really exciting appearance. There is a structural line that runs from the front of the car to the rear door and the tail light. This line makes the car look much longer and it makes the side trim really small as well. Even the lights, the rear, the bumper design etc. have been revised to make this car look unique compared to the other car in the series. The horizontal LED tail lights match really well with the two tone look that is really good for the night design.

The interior design of the car has been completely reworked as well. High quality materials have been used in the interiors. The newest part of the interiors of the car remains the two part trim that extends across the length of the dashboard. The customers will have the option of choosing between two different wood types (ash tree black and wood) for the dashboard. The analogue clock, the air vents and the central vents are also new in design. The interior design has been made better by the redesigning of the central console, which goes well with the steering wheel and the rest of the car as well.

The car comes with a variety of equipment such as a 360 degree camera which can help in parking and reversing. The Intelligent Light System (ILS), which uses the efficient LED technology, ECO start/ stop system, fuel consumption regulations, emission regulations, etc. which help in keeping the car running properly. The car comes with a large variety of safety precautions as well. Some of these safety features include the PreSafe system, Attention Assist, Distronic Plus, Active Lane Keeping Assist, etc.

The petrol engine of the car is a BlueEfficiency E 260 L engine that can deliver 204 hp of maximum power. There is a six cylinder model that can deliver 245 hp of power as well. There is a hybrid engine that is available in the Shanghai market as well.


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