2014 Mercedes Unimog and Econic Car Specs Revealed

2014 Mercedes Unimog Econic Car 13 2014 Mercedes Unimog and Econic Car Specs Revealed

2014 Mercedes Unimog Econic Car 6 2014 Mercedes Unimog and Econic Car Specs Revealed

Mercedes Benz has launched a series of special trucks. The world premiere of the new generation Econic and Unimog revealed the specs of the special trucsk. The Unimog and Econic are going to be much more efficient and cleaner as well. The car has been thoroughly updated this time. Mercedes Benz is planning on investing as much as 135 million EUR on the new range of products. The Unimog lineup is going to feature 10 models and there are going to be 2 or 3 axle variants of the low- level Econic special purpose vehicle as well. The new vehicles will be available for sale from September.

Mercedes Benz is going to be continuing its line of Euro VI products in the light, medium and heavy duty segments. These special trucks happen to be the only Euro- VI compliant trucks in all of Europe. These trucks have received a new emissions test, to check their compliance with the new standards. They are actually quite environmentally friendly as well. The assembly process itself is really efficient and the mass production ensures that the vehicles are manufactured quickly and more efficiently. The Econic incorporates a lot of features of the new Actros- in fact, the new line of trucks are based on the Actros, Antos and Arcos series of trucks. They borrow a lot of features from these series, including electronics architecture, control elements, chassis, etc. The trucks come in four and six cylinder variants, whose power output range from 156 hp to 354 hp. The engines are state of the art and are aimed at producing maximum performance effect, along with low energy consumption and clean exhaust release as well. The trucks actually come with long service life and the customer can make use of the long maintenance intervals as well.


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