2014 Porsche Panamera – The Suave Hybrid Car

2014 Porsche Panamera 1 2014 Porsche Panamera   The Suave Hybrid Car

Porsche Panamera is the second generation of the Gran Turismo cars launched by Porsche. This is the world’s first plug- in hybrid car that belongs to the luxury class. The Panamera S is an E- hybrid car that is capable of generating 416 Nm of power, which is absolutely stunning. There are two executive versions of the car available as well. The Panamera comes with a 3 liter V6 engine, that has biturbo charging. The car offers the best balance between sportiness, comfort and efficiency. The car has enhanced drive support and exceptional positioning- all to improve the drivability and comfort of the car.

This spots car is an improvement over the last generation of the Grand Turismo because it comes with a tighter design as well as a better contour. These elements combine to make this an extremely sporty looking car. The engine of the car is also spectacular, for it is a car with parallel hybrids. The Panamera has a powerful electric motor and a high performance battery as well.

The electric drive of the car is capable of producing around 95 hp of power, which is double the power of the previous model. The car draws all its energy from a new lithium ion battery. The lithium ion battery is capable of producing around 1.7 kWh of energy. The car has to be connected to an industrial outlet and it can be fully charged within a period of two and a half hours. The fact that it can be charged under the standard 4 hours is quite the USP of the car.

The car has an extremely smooth design and it is quite sleek. This helps in maintaining the efficiency of the car. The car is light, yet strong, so it is certainly one of the best buys for people who want a stunning looking car that is environment friendly.


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