Honda introduces new City-Brake Active System

Honda City Brake Active System Honda introduces new City Brake Active System

Honda has developed a new accident avoidance support technology, which is being called the City Brake Active System. This is the system that will come into action when the car is travelling at a speed lesser than 18 mph. The technology uses laser radar system, which is installed in the upper part of the windscreen. This will help determine when a collision is imminent and it can help prevent the same as well. This is really good technology for cars that are driven in the city or the freeway, for there are higher chances of collisions there.

If the City brake technology identifies any risk of collision it will issue a video and audio warning to the driver. If the driver does not or is not capable of taking any action to prevent the collision the system will automatically apply the brakes. This system is not only good for preventing any accidents, it is also good to prevent any accidental acceleration. There are times when it becomes necessary to stop any accidental acceleration at speeds that are lower than 6 mph, or even when the car is at complete standstill. This accidental acceleration usually happens when the driver presses the accelerator pedal by mistake, instead of the brake pedal. This could be dangerous, especially if there are obstructions ahead. The system will provide audio and visual warnings to the driver when such an acceleration happens and if the driver cannot solve the problem, the system will automatically control the engine to prevent the car from going forward.

Honda will be introducing this brand new technology in the Honda Fit, which will be released in Japan sometime in 2013. Honda has not made any announcement regarding the launch of this technology in European or global markets yet.

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