The Idea behind 2013 Toyota ME.WE Concept

2013 Toyota ME.WE Concept 5 The Idea behind 2013 Toyota ME.WE Concept

2013 Toyota ME.WE Concept 4 The Idea behind 2013 Toyota ME.WE Concept

The Toyota ME.WE Concept car is one of the most innovative cars released this season. It is the brainchild of Toyota European Design and Development in alliance with Jean- Marie Massaud. Jean- Marie Massaud is a creative designer who is really popular for his work in the field of design and architecture. The partnership was signed in 2011 and it marks the next stage of vehicular design and styling for sure. According to Massaud, the car is supposed to instill the sense of “human achievement”and the various economic and environmental problems that we are facing today. The ME.WE Concept car wants to be the “anti- crisis” car, a car that is most suited for today’s environment.

The car shares the hopes and the aspirations of one of the world’s biggest designer and one of the world’s biggest car manufacturer. In accordance with their principles, the car is expected to meet the following aims:

Pertinence: The car has been created out of a vision. It is an intellectualized concept of what a car ought to be, in this particular age. The main aim of the ME.WE Concept is to deliver a car that is adaptable to the different lifestyle options available today. The car is also driven by the need to deliver the best driving experience and high quality cars to all of Toyota’s customers.

Synthesis: The car focuses on consolidating and reducing the excesses in the car manufacturing industry. Traditionally, there have been a lot of excesses in the design of cars and also the manufacturing of the same. This car is a proposal for an alternative design, an alternative synthesis of what we need from our car, in order to ensure that excesses in the field of car architecture and design is reduced.

Modernity: This car is a 21st century car. It prescribes to the challenges of the 21st century and it is a car that does not just look good and proves to be a good ride, it is a responsible car that also addresses environmental challenges. It reflects the mindset of people who do not just want to increase their social status, but also want to be forward in their thoughts.


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