The Stunning New 2013 BMW X4 Concept

2013 BMW X4 Concept 1 The Stunning New 2013 BMW X4 Concept

2013 BMW X4 Concept 5 The Stunning New 2013 BMW X4 Concept

BMW never fails to stun, and the BMW X4 is certainly a trailblazer. The BMW X4 Concept is the latest coupe released under the BMW X model flagship. This car is certainly going to be one of the biggest successes of the X series- not just because of its stunning looks, but also because of the amount of attention given to detail. The car has amazing proportions, stylistic contours and unrivaled character. The car is actually sturdier than you would expect and it can deliver amazing performance and driving pleasure. The car is expected to roll out into the markets in 2014, and boy, are we waiting for it to be officially launched!

The BMW X4 Concept is an incredibly sporty looking coupe that never loses sight of its sophistication. The car has a long wheelbase and an athletic bearing as well. The front end styling is classic BMW- with a kidney grille, twin circular headlights and high gloss frame. The whole car actually comes in high gloss finishing, which makes it look extremely stunning. The side view of the car is exaggerated with the extroverted edge, which adds some character and flair to the side view of the car. The rear portion of the car comes with slim LED lights, muscular wheel arches and a really wide track. The rear window is quite shallow, which virtually reduces the height of the car. The car’s body is quite low- and this makes the car look much more stylish. The rear apron of the car is absolutely stunning and it certainly deserves a special mention.

The BMW X4 Concept’s engine specs have not been released yet, but we are ready to bet that the car’s specs would at least measure up to that of the BMW X3 or the X5. No BMW X series car has failed to provide amazing performance and driving pleasure so far, and one can certainly expect the same quality from the BMW X4.


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