2014 Dodge Dart SXT & Limited Special Edition

2013 Dodge Dart Limited Special Edition 2014 Dodge Dart SXT & Limited Special Edition

Starting at a mere cost of $18,590 the all new limited edition Dodge Dart SXT is set to release . It is expected that the vehicle would catch the eyes of many customers all over the globe given its sleek and stylish looks, the redefined refreshing exteriors and interiors, the on road mileage promised and its performance along with the comfort and safety it provides to the drivers and passengers . With black cross hair grille , racetrack LED tail lights , dual exhaust system , projector beam light to give a proper view in the fog and tinted headlight , the super car is expected to win million hearts . The interior of the car is also beautifully engineered with leather covered seats , overhead consoles and rear view mirror with auto-dimming system . Other exciting features of the vehicle includes a 12 volt power outlet and Bluetooth connectivity connected by Uconnect voice command and USB port . A four cylinder engine of 2.0 lts gives an output of about 160 bhp .It also GPS navigation system .

With all its awesome features and the performance promised and the vehicle’s price fitting everyone’s budget one can expect it to be a massive hit among the buyers .

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