2014 HSV Gen-F GTS

2014 HSV Gen F GTS 9 2014 HSV Gen F GTS

2014 HSV Gen F GTS 4 2014 HSV Gen F GTS

Australia’s most promising and most leading car manufacturing company HSV announced the introduction of their all new model promising it to be the most powerful, strongest and fastest car that the country has ever seen. Finally releasing the full details of the car with a V8 LSA supercharged engine with a fuel tank of 6.2 lts, the manufacturers promises the car to deliver a huge power of 430 kilowatt and a torque speed of 740 Newton-meters , one can easily assume the car to be a massive hit in the market . The unique and interesting features of the car may also draw the attention of many automobile lovers worldwide, the twin plate clutch with a 6-speed manual transmission along with oil cooling system is among the many unique features of the car. Catalytic converters with high flow exhaust , cross pipes with high flow system of exhaust and bi-modal mufflers , rear suspension of 9.9 inch are also a few of the super car’s features . The car has a unique brake system with a increased brake pad size .Again interesting qualities like launch control, electronic power steering, torque vectoring and traction control altogether enhance the quality of the vehicle. The grille of twin nostril and a fresh fascia are quite unique in the truest sense. The vehicle comes in four different versions – touring, sport, performance and track. The performance and the looks of the versions vary from each other.

With a camera place at the rear mirror, the voice command during any situations, the beautiful and unique interior and exterior and the performance the company promises to provide one can expect that the car will be a super hit as soon as it is released in the market.


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