2014 Skoda Superb Combi

Skoda Superb Combi 2014 photos 1 1024x768 2014 Skoda Superb Combi

2014 Skoda Superb Combi interior 1024x768 2014 Skoda Superb Combi

Skoda is ready to launch its all new model – Skoda Superb with a fresh and refreshing interior and exterior and given the performance promise the car is expected to be an instant hit . With a decreased CO2 emission lowered upto by 19% and the increased fuel holding capacity the super car is expected to be released sometime in June 2014 . The brand originating from the Czech Republic in the year 2001 has continued to gain praise and its market value has also increased since then . With all its interesting features, the freshness of the design, the high fuel consumption rate , the comfort it provides to the riders and the safety features it provides the car will be worth its cost . The car also includes features like umbrella rear doors and not to mention gives the passengers a world class comfort.

With a balanced quality, refreshing style and its performance the car is expected to be in demand from the time of its release . With A-Pillars the front end of the car is completely redesigned . With all new logo , front fender , fog light , front headlight , bumper and bonnet the car seems to be a total contrast from the other models of Skoda . The bi-xenon LED headlights and the innovative LED turning signals which are very effective in daytime are a few other features of this car .The vehicle’s rear is also very neatly redesigned . With everything in proper place the all new rear is precise , neat and compact . A C-shaped tail tight helps the rear of the car shine better than ever . But what strikes the buyers is the all new cubist triangle just beneath the boot lid adds to the superb design of the car . The colour of the exterior also come in trendy colours as moon and metal grey . The wheel range are also redefined with 16 inch helix , 18 inch trinity and 17 inch twister along with a new hub cap included in the design of solaris .Another striking feature of the car is its twin door with an innovative patented solution the hatchback will open in two complete different ways . There are buttons to open the doors in each ways either rear or front . Pressing the shift button to open the door is not necessary anymore . The interior of the car is also very new with steering wheels of 4-spoke and 3-spoke and with a very comfortable and matching seats available in ivory and brown colour the car will surely be a drivers paradise . Another striking feature of the car is its driving system and its fuel consumption , with a much bigger tank the car would surely provide a better mileage . All credit of this goes to the start and the stop system and the break recuperation of the energy . With a standard 1.4 TSI/92kw petrol containing engine the CO2 emersion rate gets reduced by 19% which is outstanding . The fuel capcity and mileage has increased by 15% as it provides a mileage of 100 kms in 4.6 lts . In case of petro the CO2 emersion of the car is 109gms/km and in case of diesel it emits 117gms/km . The ratio is explained in the format of a 100km drive . The car also comes with a jumbo sound box with central console system .

With storage compartments , arm rest , LED lights, high fule consumption rate , fresh interior and exterior and its lovely performance rate the car is considered to be a hit amoung all .


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