2014 Volkswagen Design Vision GTI Concept

2014 Volkswagen Design Vision GTI Concept 1 2014 Volkswagen Design Vision GTI Concept

2014 Volkswagen Design Vision GTI Concept 4 2014 Volkswagen Design Vision GTI Concept

150000 fans gathered to enjoy driving at Worthersee with pure automobile passion. A vision for GTI car racing “GTI DESIGN VISION” with 370kw/503ps golf. Based on the seventh generation launched in Europe which transfers the power potential and design of power car racing.20 inch wheels are made to give the vehicle a speed of 300km/hr by the design team led by Klaus Bischoff. The GTI is a clear leader of the road with output of 162kw/220ps.With a 2 lts tank capacity the car provides a speed of 500nm with 2000 rpm. The dual clutch gear box helps to give the car a much needed front and rear break system.The car can hit upto 300km in 3.9 sec.The Austin wheels are very well equipped with bolt covers.The front wheels have 235/35 tyre fitted.The rear wheels have 275/30 tyres fitted.The exterior and interiors are well defined by the design team and the design team led by Klaus Bischoff gives the car a superb look.The car uses ceramic breaks which gives a proper control on the car.The grip of the break calipers upto 380mm.The car is well designed for extreme use and can easily undergo serious conditions.Both the interior and exterior can take high load and pressure yet can easily withstand it.The car with all its positives will be a drvers delight.

The engine, the wheels, the breaks everything makes the car a class apart.The car is not only fashionable but also hardy. Its user friendly, reliable and its performance is par excellent. The car is not for all the drivers but will suit those who get charged by adrenalin.

Hence one cannot deny the fact that the car is the king of the road. It is perfect in all the given sense and is a next gen car. Hence for car lover for whom money is not a problem this is a must buy.


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