2014 Volvo V40 Pirelli by Heico Sportiv

2014 Volvo V40 Pirelli 7 2014 Volvo V40 Pirelli by Heico Sportiv

2014 Volvo V40 Pirelli 2 2014 Volvo V40 Pirelli by Heico Sportiv

Celebrating the anniversary of Pirelli Heico sportive and Pirelli jointly released the all new Volvo V40 Pirelli , the car is a class in itself , its performance , the mileage on road promised , the refreshing exteriors and interiors and the ultra modern and super exciting features induced in the vehicle will undoubtedly draw customers world wide . topping it all it is unnecessary to say that the brand Pirelli itself is enough to draw attention of every automobile lovers . The T3 model fitted with a 1.6 lts turbocharged engine gives a massive output of 200 horse power and a torque speed of 300 nm which is an increased output from the previous models . This results in the hike of the car speed which is increased to 0-62 mph in 7.9secs . The top speed also gets increased upto 143 mph . The model has a 30 mm lowered suspension along with a personalized body kit .The exterior colour is limited to black and red and the interior is covered with velour floor mats .

Altogether the car seems to be quite unique in every sense and is expected to be liked by all customers world wide .


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