2014 Fiat 500L Living Seven Seater MPV Launched, details

2014 Fiat 500L Living 2 2014 Fiat 500L Living Seven Seater MPV Launched, details

Before the world gets a hands on feel of the Fiat 500L Living model in July, they have released a series of pictures to prepare them for what awaits them. The car marks the sixth anniversary of the Fiat 500 family. The car is high on mass appeal and adds to the high performing line of 500 series of cars which have been turning heads ever since they penetrated the market back in 2007. The new model retains the USP of the 500 series – the charm of the design. It adds seating capacity compared to previous models and can now easily accommodate 7 members. The tank capacity is an inflated 638 liters which ensures that there are no stops to a joy ride. Transmission is automatic. The power is generated by twin petrol or diesel engines. A customer gets a wide array of palettes to choose the body color from and some options have dual tone colors too. If all combinations are taken into account, there are over 282 ways one can customize his Fiat 500L. What stands out for the car is the fact that it takes the best from each segment and encapsulates them in its design. So while the comfort can be compared to a C-segment station wagon car, the interior space reminds one of an MPV. The dexterity makes one feel he is in a city car. Space optimization is at an all-time high with the dimensions being 20 cm lesser than a C-segment station wagon.

The car is in production at Serbia and will roll out first in Italy, the home town of the iconic car maker. It will then spread its wings to the rest of Europe. The 500L will have two variants – Pop Star and Lounge. The seating in both can be five or seven, depending on the customer’s choice.


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