2014 Honda Accord Hybird details

2014 Honda Accord Hybrid exterior photos 2 1024x682 2014 Honda Accord Hybird details

2014 Honda Accord Hybrid interior 1024x682 2014 Honda Accord Hybird details

Honda had given its fans a preview of the 2014 Accord Hybrid earlier this year. Now it has stopped giving teasers and unveiled the complete model and all its technical specifications. However the price has not been announced yet. It has been held back till the launching time which is expected to be around the month of October. It will be first rolled out in the United States and other countries will follow suit soon. Firstly the engine is powered by a dual motor hybrid system consisting of 2.0 liter four cylinder Atkinson cycle engine. The torque generated is 166 bhp. The fuel economy of Honda cars have always been a cause of envy for the others in the segment. The new model is expected to deliver a fuel efficiency of 49 mpg in the city, 45 mpg on highways and 47 mpg on an average. The interiors have not been overhauled per se and very limited changes have been made compared to its predecessors. However a new system has been integrated by virtue of which the driver can ascertain the current status of fuel tank and various other relevant parameters of the hybrid system on the console. The display is an 8 inch touchscreen with multiple controls. A rear view camera has been provided to assist the driver while parking. Perforated leather seats make the journey in the car a pleasure. On the exterior the car exudes elegance like no other in its line of cars. The car bears a hybrid badge and sports alloy wheels which are quite different in design from the regular alloy wheels. The color is mostly blue or carries hues of blue somehow. The car also comes with a rear spoiler and daytime running lights. Overall the new car is packed with both style and substance and will be value for money for its owners.


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