2014 MG 3 Details

2014 MG 3 5 2014 MG 3 Details

2014 MG 3 3 2014 MG 3 Details

MG has released their new car in the Shanghai Motor Show – the MG 3. The company has overhauled the design and expects to strike a chord with the masses with their mini vehicle. A bit of a funky look is given to the car with colored wheels and colored side skirts. The company will allow prospective customers to personalize their car too and add colors of their choice to the body of their car. The car is barely 13 feet long and the contours are well demarcated. There are LED lights fitted in mesh grilles that add to the classy looks.

There are chrome tailpipes that add to the elegance of the car. MG has decided to redefine hatchbacks by expanding the interior space of the car. The bumpers add to the style quotient. The chassis has been so designed so as to offer insulation from uneven roads and enable the driver to make sharp turns at ease. A lot of the technical specifications are still not revealed but from what has been revealed it can be guessed that the model will be powered by a 4 cylinder engine. A lot of testing has been done on the car to get assured results. Style has been given utmost importance while designing this car. MG had earlier hit gold with their MG Zero Concept car. The MG 3 is said to be highly inspired by it and elements of styling has been further accentuated in this model. The car will be first released for the European market in 2013. Plans to release it beyond the European boundaries has not been revealed either. The car is only in its preview stage. One has to keep an eye to get more on the model. MG will be hoping to regain lost ground with this new car.


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