The brand New 2014 Micra from Nissan

2014 Nissan Micra 5 The brand New 2014 Micra from Nissan

2014 Nissan Micra 9 The brand New 2014 Micra from Nissan

Based on a fourth generation car city K 13 the Nissan Micra has come out all over again with an exotic new look and this time it is renamed as the Nissan New Micra. This is probably the most significant innovation in the history of Nissan.

The Nissan Micra turned out to be the third bestselling car in the UK but this time Nissan has incorporated a wide range of improvements to enhance the look of the New Micra. The new car has undergone significant changes from front to rear. The bonnet of the car has been given a new look. The front wings and the front bumper have been changed too. The rear bumper is a new addition to the new model. The headlights and the fog light have been given a brand new look. Another new addition to this model is the rear LED lights with one more panel at the bottom of the tail gate. A new grille has been added along with new machine finished 16 inch and 15 inch alloy wheels to add to the
outer beauty of the new design.

Not only the exterior but the interior look of the car has also gone through a series of makeovers. A new centre console with a new trim with glossy black finish incorporating an audio USB and Aux – in slots add to the inner beauty of the car. This is accompanied by a 12v socket. Some new technologies like the NissanConnect touchscreen satellite navigation with a larger screen and communication system with a new radio have been included in the new model.

With some Google apps like point of interest search function and planning the journey at home and sending it to the car’s navigation and parking aids like rear park sensors and parking slot measurement the new model seems to be much more interesting.

The engine is 1.2 litres supercharged petrol delivering 95 bhp emitting just 95 g/km of CO2. Claimed as the most advanced small cars in the market hope it will be fun to drive the New Micra.


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