2014 BMW 5-Series Touring details

2014 BMW 5 Series Touring 5 2014 BMW 5 Series Touring details

2014 BMW 5 Series Touring 2 2014 BMW 5 Series Touring details

The BMW series 5 Touring is a welcome change over its predecessor. The car brings more comfort and a better fuel efficiency to the table. The notable changes include further engine options, a revamped body design and improvements to the interior of the car. The new engine option comes in the form of a four cylinder diesel engine that is capable of generating 143 horse power. The mileage is roughly around 62.8 miles per gallon. The environmental credentials are great with carbon emissions at 191 grams per mile. Customers may opt for the V8 engine as well. It will generate 450 horse power. The V8 will come in the 550i version.

The ride and handling quality has not changed significantly over its predecessor. The all wheel drive ensures better traction and firmer grip on the roads. This new car is more aerodynamic in design and the improved air intake makes it smoother to control it at bends. On the exterior new contour lines on the front grill and an all new lowered air intake are the most notable changes. The rear of the car has an additional crease positioned in the apron and the tail lights have undergone a change in design. Side indicators have been included in the mirrors as an extra change.

The interior of the car has not undergone any significant change. Minor changes include a chrome trim around the control display. Design options will be provided to potential buyers.

Thus, overall the car is not a huge changeover from the previous models. One cannot expect BMW to introduce path breaking changes as they have already reached the zenith of excellence with the 5 series of cars. To surpass the innovations and technologies used in it will take time. Till then, BMW enthusiasts will have to do with minor tweaks here and there.


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