2014 Jaguar Project 7 Concept details

2014 Jaguar Project 7 Concept 2 2014 Jaguar Project 7 Concept details

2014 Jaguar Project 7 Concept 4 2014 Jaguar Project 7 Concept details

It is the winner of the 2013 World Car Design of the Year award. That testifies what is in store for car enthusiasts in the Jaguar Project 7 Concept. If you are wondering about the name of the car, Project 7’s nomenclature is inspired by the fact that Jaguar won the Le Mans award seven times between 1951-1990 – an unmatched yardstick set by Jaguar.

The exteriors have been remodeled in many ways. There is a fairing behind the driver’s head. It also comes with a new front splitter, side skirts and rear diffuser – all made of carbon fibre. Even the 20 inch Blade alloy wheels have carbon fibre inserts. There are carbon-fibre inserts on the console too. The front bumper has been restyled. The windshield has also been lowered. The car has some never seen before interior features too. For example it has a composite single seat with racing harness, custom trim and a helmet holder.

The car derives motivation from its 5.0 litre supercharged V8 engine capable of generating 550PS or 680 Nm power. The power is delivered to its rear wheels by means of Jaguar’s eight speed Quickshift transmission and electronic active differential. This new technology of Project 7 provides a free flow exhaust system, a unique spring/damper tune and a 10 mm lower ride height.

Some design features of the F type have been retained. Like the two key ‘heartlines’ typical of the F type. There are certain noticeable changes too. Like the D type inspired rear fairing section that includes a rollover hoop and plunges down from behind the driver’s head. The roof system has been completely done away with.
The interiors have undergone certain changes too. They have been added with a finishing touch that resembles a quilted racing style diamond pattern. The start stop button on the console has been painted in gloss black color. The steering wheel comes with machined aluminium paddles.


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