2014 Mazda6 fitted with the i-ELOOP System

2014 Mazda6 i ELOOP System 1 2014 Mazda6 fitted with the i ELOOP System

2014 Mazda6 i ELOOP System 4 2014 Mazda6 fitted with the i ELOOP System

The i-ELOOP system is the single most distinctive feature that sets the 2014 Mazda apart. This is a capacitor based regenerative engine braking system. The unique characteristic of this system is that it converts the kinetic energy of the car into electricity when the car decelerates. This electricity is then diverted to perform other functions of the car like the headlights, the climate control system and the audio system.

The greatest advantage which you will gain from the i-ELOOP system is that the car now delivers 40 mpg in the highway. Without the system, the car delivers 38 mpg on the highway. The version fitted with the new i-ELOOP system delivers 28 mpg in the city, 40 mpg in the highway and 32 mpg combined. In addition to these features, the new i-ELOOP system includes a number of optional features. These include active grille shutters, lane departure warning, high beam control, sport mode button, Mazda radar cruise control and the forward obstruction warning system.

The Grand Touring models which are priced at $29695 are the only version where the package will be available. This adds $2080 to the price without extra destination charges.


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