2014 Volkswagen e-up! pricing details announced

2014 Volkswagen e up 3 2014 Volkswagen e up! pricing details announced

2014 Volkswagen e up 5 2014 Volkswagen e up! pricing details announced

The Volkswagen up! was announced with a purpose. It’s design was meant to deliver to the customer a car that would save fuel and yet come at a cheap price. The promise has not been kept. It has been lost somewhere in the transition to an electric variant. The low cost factor that was supposed to be the USP of the car is gone now. The new car has been named as the ‘e-up’.

It will first be seen at the Frankfurt motor show. Volkswagen has released the price of the vehicle before the event. It has confirmed that the electric variant of the up! will cost €26,900 ($34,525 / £23,150) for the base model with a battery. That upsets as Nissan has a much more cost effective solution for those who want to drive on battery power. The Nissan Leaf has been strategically priced at €23,790 ($30,520 / £20,515) with a leased battery or €29,690 ($38,105 / £25,605) with a purchased battery. Not to forget, the Nissan Leaf is a much bigger car than the Volkswagen e-up!.

However the price being charged for the ‘e-up!’ can be justified with the power that it is supposed to generate. The engine develops a peak output of 82 HP (60 kW) and 210 Nm (155 lb ft) of torque. The battery power is stunning and the CO2 emissions are nil.


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