2015 Vuhl 05 car details

2015 Vuhl 05 12 2015 Vuhl 05 car details

2015 Vuhl 05 9 2015 Vuhl 05 car details

The VUHL has been developed by the design agency ETXE. It is truly a car designed for the car enthusiasts. The car is extremely light, weighing only 695kgs. This, mated with superior engineering makes this little two-seater extremely handy.

Though light, the car has remarkable torsional rigidity which makes for better handling. The car comes with three stage forward crash structure and double layer sidewalls which provide a high level of protection for the occupants. The RTM reinforced plastic body with flat under body, rear spoiler, front and lateral splitters and rear diffuser are other features of the body of the VUHL 05. You can opt for carbon fibre body if you so desire. The chrome-moly steel sub frame which houses the engine and rear suspension is bolted directly to the passenger cell.

The car is equipped with 2l DOHC turbocharged Ecoboost engine with an amazing output of 285 bhp. It delivers a maximum torque of 420 Nm. The car takes merely 3.7 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 kmph. It has a top speed of 245 kmph. This engine is mated with six speed manual transmission. Double wishbone front and rear suspension and four plot alloy callipers for brakes are other technical specs of the car.

This two seater rides on OZ alloy wheels carrying Michelin tyres of size 205/45 X 17 (front) and 235/45 X 18 (rear).

The VUHL 05 is 3718mm long, 1876mm wide and 1120mm high. Riding the car is as comfortable as driving it. The carbon bucket seats are truly luxurious. The 330mm quick release water-resistant suede-covered steering wheel lends a touch of elegance. This theme continues with the water resistant Dinamica suede trim. The integral HD camera and the electronic data acquisition dash are other classy elements on the interior design of the VUHL 05.


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